Friday, October 22, 2010

Jook or Congee, a Rice Porridge

one of the many special things
about the San Francisco Bay Area
is the diversity of cultures close by
last week I went to Little Viet Nam
in San Jose, California
we went into a little bakery for lunch
where they had packages of
rice wrappings stuffed with
who knows what, but it all tastes good
I asked if they had shredded pork
and there it was on the counter
been looking for this ingredient
for about five years - not with any diligence
when I flew to Bali on Eva Air
I had Jook for the first time it was so good!
the Vietnamese woman next to me
explained what I was eating
told me those delicious little puff balls
were indeed shredded pork
now I had to make Jook or Congee
every recipe on line was different
what they had in common was
start with a cup of rice and an awful lot of water
lot of recipes called for making a stock first,
either turkey or chicken
my version uses prepared
low sodium chicken stock 1 ½ quarts
one cup of sushi rice
about two inches of fresh ginger
and half of a sweet onion
cooked for two hours or
until desired thickness is reached
serve topped with sliced scallions
and shredded pork
I fed it to my bonsai instructor
he said I'd done it right

© 2010 Sandy Vrooman


  1. I guess the moral of your story is:
    Congee them if they can't take a Jook.
    Sorry. I couldn't resist.
    Yummy blog.

  2. One of my fave foods. Yes, to what you did. I always add fish sauce. Then you can really add anything to top it, as little or as much as you like, often bits and pieces of leftovers or planned garnishes such as crispy fried garlic or crispy fried onion, dried shrimp, ikan bilis (crispy fried and spicy fish), bits of pickled lime ... the list is endless. Most delicious food. You're making me hungry.