Saturday, October 2, 2010

Breakfast Burritos

one of my favorite tenants was Frank
he was always helpful
and kept his area from intruding on mine
we shared the kitchen
he taught me how to make breakfast burritos
the main ingredient in most of his cooking
was Pace Picante Sauce
while experimenting
I came across a corn relish/salsa at Trader Joe’s
and began using that in scrambled eggs
I’ve also used things like peach salsa
for some reason my cast iron griddle
never gets put away
it lives on the stove
(range? Home on the range?)
if you heat up a cast iron griddle
put your dampened tortillas on it
turn it off and put a lid over all
by the time you scramble your eggs
the tortillas are warm and flexible
I use about 2 tablespoons of salsa
for 2 eggs
2 eggs per tortilla
really easy and tasty

©2010 Sandy Vrooman


  1. Sounds easy and good. I have a cast iron griddle but seldom use it. Must take it out. I have, however, five woks, one for smokin' and four in different sizes, steel and a couple of non stick. One of the them is always on the stove. Pace Picante is good stuff.

  2. No pantry should be without salsa! We have a taco truck that comes to the office midmorning. The more I have spoken Spanish with the cook, the hotter the sauce is that they put on my food. They also make a mean breakfast burrito! Viva la salsa!