Friday, October 22, 2010


listening in amazement
to a chef extol the virtues of cooking pasta
as if it was rice and one was making risotto
and thinking “my Mother did that”
only to us it was not a fancy dish
but one of her standard quick dinners
my Mother who worked inside
and outside the house
did not appreciate us asking
“what’s for dinner?”
her curt reply was “glop”
there are many folks who say they make
a similar dish
I start with ground beef
a much better grade than the one Mom used
chopped onions, I prefer the sweet ones
fresh mushrooms, like crimini
shredded carrots
noodles, any kind of flat ones will do
a beef bouillon cube
Worcestershire sauce to taste
A-1 steak sauce to taste
this batch, shown above, had several grinds
of Trader Joe’s Every Day Seasoning
the carrots and mushrooms are optional
sauté ground beef and onions
in a little oil to start
here is where you would
add the mushrooms, if you have them
add noodles and continue cooking until
noodles are coated with the meat juices
add carrots if desired
add seasonings, including bottled sauces
and beef bullion
pour in a cup of water and cover
let cook for 5 minutes
remove cover, check liquid level
add another cup of water
cook covered for 5 more minutes
remove lid and continue cooking
while stirring until all liquid is gone
and noodles are cooked to
your desired consistency

© 2010 Sandy Vrooman


  1. Your mother did that? I cook risotto a lot but it had never occurred to me to do it with pasta. Sounds delish.

  2. Like homemade Hamburger Helper. You would be amazed the things my mother and I have done with Hamburger Helper over the years. We never "leave it be" - always doctor it and add vegetables and such.
    Robin in San Jose

  3. My Mother was an inventive cook. Her main criteria was first to save money, and second to make it taste good.