Monday, October 11, 2010

Crepes and Comets, Oh My!

went trekking off on a comet chase
that was headed for Mono Hot Springs
on the east side of the Sierras
but weather prevented that choice
ended up in the Big Sur Mountains instead
never did see the comet
but met a class act professor of Astronomy
and Gastronomy
imagine a class where the professor makes
you a breakfast of French Crepes with
your choice of fresh fruit fillings

Richard Nolthenius (right) was not about to share his recipe, but I watched with a bit of disbelief as he mixed everything right there with a hand beater and ate one of the best crepes ever

he used:
Wesson oil
milk (I’m guessing at this, didn’t see it go in)
whole wheat pastry flour
and maple syrup

I always mix my batter the night before
to assure a creamy consistency
I use
either whipping cream, or half and half
white pastry flour
a couple of teaspoons of powdered sugar adds
if you are planning a sweet filling

Rick’s offering of do it yourself fillings included:
mixed chopped fruit
strawberry preserves (more on this later)
lemon curd
whipped cream
(whipped by driving all day in a rocking car)
and chocolate chips

Our class room

© 2010 Sandy Vrooman


  1. Submitted a Campfire Moment – Eggs in a bag.
    · 2 eggs per person
    · 1 freezer ziploc quart bag
    · cheese
    · bacon
    · tomatoes
    Boil large pot of water.

    Crack 2 eggs into ziploc bag.

    Add ingredients.

    Close bag,

    Leave some air in the bag.

    Mush up your eggs until mixed well.

    Put bag into boiling water.

    Boil for 10-12 minutes.

    Open bag, and release on to plate.


    If you are serving more than one person, use a Sharpie Permanent Marker and add each person name to their respective bags.

    Bill Rick and Ms. Krissy
    Poet’s Corner
    Addison, TX

  2. I think he uses Vanilla Soy Milk.

    AV Pike

  3. It seems like every cuisine has its version of crepes, called something different. When I learned to make them, it was to let them rest for two hours. And no measurements, you stir until it is this thick, etc., etc.

  4. My dear --

    You KNOW I LOVE this stuff you do.
    Your text amuses/inspires me.
    The photos are often phenomenal.
    And the content is often a surprise.

    I can enjoy reading these without feeling
    a need to try the recipes, but I'm confident that if I were moved to try the recipes,
    they'd be wonderful, too!!

    I hope you're collecting these
    for a BOOK some day. Remember books?
    We used to read them when we were young? Sighhh . . .



  5. I used vanilla soy, not milk. And organic canola oil, not Wesson. Nice site!


  6. looks yummy. interesting "camp"...doris