Thursday, November 11, 2010

Corn Chowder

back in the dark ages
attended an elementary school
that was somewhat enlightened
starting in sixth grade
we began having segregated
gym class
boys and girls not allowed
to see each other
begin to jiggle
BUT the alternate group
not in gym
had home economics
and wood shop
boys and girls both
learned to cook
and saw
I learned to make corn chowder
with bacon and canned corn
the recipe stuck with me
and here it is with
a few embellishments

1 - 8 oz can of corn
about 3 oz bacon cut in ¼ inch strips
half a sweet onion or to taste
2 very large tbsp of flour
a bit of milk
cooked potatoes, if you desire

without the potatoes
it serves two generous portions

sauté bacon until almost crisp
add diced onion
and cook until onion is transparent
add the flour
add the juices from the can of corn
and stir until thickened
add enough milk to thin slightly
add corn, cook until bubbly
add more milk of desired
add cooked diced potatoes, if desired
salt depends on the saltiness of the bacon used
I add 3-4 grinds of
Trader Joe’s Every Day Seasoning
and /or Morton’s Nature’s Seasons

(C) 2010 Sandy Vroomman

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