Friday, June 25, 2010

Tortilla Española

which came first
the omelets
or the wrapper?

in Spain
everyone knows
tortilla as an omelet
a small tort
with potatoes
and each cook
makes it differently

Linda’s mother in law
from Vigo Spain
just above Portugal
makes the version
I know and love
or is it Linda’s version
that comes to mind?

you need potatoes
eggs, red bell pepper
a sweet onion
a bunch of fresh cilantro
lots of
really good olive oil
and a cast iron frying pan

chop and rinse potatoes
peel if you desire
fry potatoes until soft
in olive oil
covering them
speeds up the cooking
while the potatoes
are occupied
beat eggs with salt
if desired
cut up the onion,
cilantro and red pepper
add onions and
cook until they are
add pepper and cilantro
add more olive oil
lower heat and
add eggs
mixing slightly as they cook
when the omelet is set
you are supposed
to flip it over in the pan
I turn it out on to a plate
then slide the omelet
back into the pan
to cook the other side
slide back onto a
plate and serve
I guess you had
to be there
about two potatoes
and five eggs serve four

© 2010 Sandy Vrooman


  1. Delicious. Ole! When I hear tortilla, first I think of Mexico, not Spain. Say omelet, and I think France. Silly, I also imagine "Omelet, Prince of Denmark." He ran away off to Paris with Ophelia to be a chef and not to be an avenger. There, indecisive about scrambled or fried, he invented the egg dish that bears his name. Now, besides all that, I will dream of Tortilla Española on the Costa Brava with sangria.

  2. Ah, sweet Sangria, I remember her well.

  3. Sandy querida!

    sounds fantastico! I used to use cast iron, but that got a bit heavy; now non-stick, non-teflon, unless you're buffed enough. BTW by MIL comes from Vigo, not Madrid, but otherwise, great rendition.

  4. I love Spanish cooking and Spain.