Sunday, June 27, 2010

Emergency Latte Kit

ever had one
of THOSE mornings
you know
deep down somewhere
that a latte would fix everything
except you have to get up
and get dressed
in a presentable manner
to go into the outside world
down to the café
…. SMILE ….
and order your latte
this is why you must have
at all times
an emergency latte kit
I keep soy milk
boxed prepared chai
cinnamon and vanilla
always on hand
no one is watching
you put in as much
milk and tea or chocolate
even coffee
if you feel capable
enough to brew some

add cinnamon and vanilla
or not as you choose
nuke on high for 120 seconds
if stuff is cold
but where is the foam
you cry?
take your trusty whisk
between your palms
stick it into the glass
and twist back and forth
until you have enough foam
go back to bed

© 2010 Sandy Vrooman

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