Wednesday, June 23, 2010


a Native American teaching
says we are all capable
of doing a bit of magic
if you brighten someone’s day
you have accomplished
a small magic

today we take many things
for granted
flying to the moon
is no longer magic
or is it?

just because we understand
how something works
doesn’t mean
it wasn’t magic
the first time it happened

I wonder if the first person
who found that if you knead
yeast and flour together
that you get bubbles in bread
was considered a sorcerer

now we know if you knead
bread dough, you stretch
the gluten molecules
which trap the gasses
made by the yeast

leave it to the French
to figure out that layers
and layers of butter
folded into a yeast dough
would give you a croissant

© 2010 Sandy Vrooman


  1. Yes, and have these with cafe au lait, my other addiction.

  2. Love your photos. This one of the croissants is just about perfect.