Saturday, September 4, 2010


sweet and sour savory
those things they give you
to munch on while waiting
for your Japanese food
all of them some form of pickle
my fav is the thinly sliced cukes
in a sweetened rice wine vinegar
with a few drops of sesame oil
and some pickled ginger slices
using the thinnest slicer
on your food processor
slice up English or small Japanese
salt them and let them sit
for about ten minutes
rinse and drain
sprinkle with the vinegar
add the sesame oil
and finely sliced pickled ginger
stir and serve
if the seeds in the cucumbers
are large, then the cukes
should be seeded
use only the flesh and not the seeds
if you happen to be Scandinavian
you would use apple cider vinegar
with a bit of sugar and
thinly sliced onions

©2010 Sandy Vrooman


  1. I am surprised very mush to hear "sunomono"
    Your endless interest on Japanese food is respectable.


  2. There's a good book at Amazon on making sunomono which I love. Do you have a Japanese pickle press? A friend of mine gave me one. Easy to use also. You need the traditional round kind though not the square one.

  3. I just might try this one at home.
    Noticed a typo re: pickled ginger (the "l" was left out in the instructions area)

  4. Curiously refreshing (as the old Schwepp's ad used to say.) Never thought of doing this myself. Nice pix!

  5. Took one look at the yummy pic and decided this had to be the crunchy side for my next luncheon omelet-as soon as I find pickled ginger at the local grocer's...

  6. Hi, I LOVE this stuff, and I haven't had it for a long time. It's time to get some of that sweet rice vinegar again. Probably the sesame oil too, mine's too old.