Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Short Crust for Tarts

where to start on this one
I guess by talking about gluten
this is the stuff most prevalent in wheat
your outcome depends
on how you treat the dough
when you knead dough
you create long chain molecules
of gluten, most desirable
when making bread
but would make a pie crust or cookie
with a tough texture
to maintain flakeyness
you need a very light hand
short crust or any crust
involves quick breaking down
of solid lumps of shortening
shortening is “cut” into the flour mix
I do this by hand either
with two knives, one in each hand
running the knives across each other
there is also a pastry cutting tool
and food processors
sort crust is made with butter
flour and some powered sugar
after the cutting results in
a mealy like texture, mix in one egg
(or if you are a French chef, egg yolk)
there are many recipes on the net
if the butter is really soft
chill the dough before using
pat, do not roll into a tart pan
for fruit tarts, prebake about 15 min
for quiche, this is not necessary

©2010 Sandy Vrooman


  1. And you do need a real tart pan. I prefer the by hand method not a processor.

  2. I fear I would eat the dough before I even got to the tart-making part!