Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Almond Pear Tart

had a couple of hours between activities
and decided I wanted to make a tart
having a short crust in the freezer
(doesn’t everyone?)
some ripe Bartlett pears
and almond nut butter
I set out to see if I could fake
a French tart
mixed three quarters of a cup of nut butter
with an equal amount of sugar
and added an egg
a dash of booze, in this case rum
no need for butter as the almond paste
already had oil
Bartlett pears are not really good for cooking
you can’t poach them, they fall apart
Comice or Anjou pears can be poached
adding a delicate flavor for the pears
and creating the glaze one sees on tarts
I carefully sliced and arranged my raw pears
over the almond filling I had created
baked for about 50 minutes
one can glaze a hot fruit tart with jelly or jam
being fresh out of apple jelly
I melted down some ginger chutney
and brushed it over the tart
I’m thinking of peanut butter and apples
maybe two eggs in the nut layer
to make it lighter

©2010 Sandy Vrooman


  1. Sound tricky to make. And pears themselves are tricky. Looks good in the photo.

  2. Count me in. I love tarts!
    (Pears too and pear-shaped tarts)
    Mouth watering... Phun photo.

  3. This looks and sounds amazing. I swear I can smell it fresh from the oven. Mmmm...