Thursday, September 29, 2011

Swingin’ Salsa Summary, Ole’

there are some basics
without them it would not be salsa
everything has to be chopped very fine
gotta have cilantro, lime juice, salt
and onions
jalapenos are in most salsas
but not all of them
garlic is good
add fresh roma tomatoes
and you have basic salsa fresco
tomatillos are good with this
after that almost anything else is fair game
but not chocolate sauce
have some sense
I’ve made avocado, mango, and peach salsa
last night I made roasted corn salsa
took some very fresh corn in husks
and fire roasted them over the flame
on the top of the stove
almost burnt the husks all the way through
probably should have
cut the corn off the cobs
added half a maui onion
a whole bunch of cilantro
red bell pepper
and too much salt
the salt releases the juices in your mix
but you have to have a light hand
I could have added a can of washed
and rinsed black beans
had a medium bowl of the stuff
but it was all gone within 24 hours
fresh salsa is only good for 48 hours
then the freshness begins to be questionable

© 2011 Sandy Vrooman