Thursday, September 29, 2011

Son of Zucchini Madness or Zucchini Pancakes

yes, you can shred zucchini
and use them like potatoes
in potato pancakes
because zucchini keeps weeping
it is best to take the following steps
this method will give you
crisp pancakes without they
will still be good, but soggy
coarsely grate the zucchini
by any method you favor
salt the mass heavily
put a smaller bowl on top
parallel to the bottom bowl
put some weight in the upper bowl
like a large can of tomatoes
(don’t open the tomatoes or
use them for anything else
in this recipe)
wait (or weight) about 20 minutes
add water to zucchini
drain in a colander and
keep rinsing
you will still have liquid
but it should be more gelatinous
I added on egg for each zucchini
using three zucchini this time
I also added about 1/3 cup flour
and the rest of the maui onion
finely chopped
I used peanut oil because
it will not break down at a high heat
put about ½ inch of oil into a cast iron skillet
used a ¼ cup as measure to get a regular size
let the pancake solidify a bit before turning
if you wanted to you could serve
with apple sauce or sour cream
we didn’t think they needed any embellishment

(C) 2011 Sandy Vrooman

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  1. The Internet can't have too many zucchini recipes or cute cat pictures.