Sunday, July 4, 2010


in a community
of like minded people
they begin
to finish each other’s

with poets
the muses are also
in community
and we mere poets
a receptacle

we can sit
half a world apart
and write
the same poems
from differing

this blog
opens with lemons
Tracey Gainforth
calls her food blog
the lemon kitchen

we both
dance with words
at a poetry group
of the same name
she lives in Canada
I’m in California
we may never meet
on a physical plane
but I know her

© 2010 Sandy Vrooman

Tracey Gainforth is a writer and foodie, living in Ottawa, Canada. She works in fund development, however Tracey would someday like to write full-time.
It is an exciting time for foodies in the Canadian nation’s capital as Ottawa has a wonderful, thriving food community.
Please read and enjoy, and if you have any questions Tracey can be reached at:

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