Sunday, July 4, 2010


how do things happen
pondering many things
like the artichoke
who decided it was edible
this forbidding thistle
with a center
fit for the gods

perhaps the same forces
that could take
a Midwest
meat and potatoes gal
raised on canned veggies
and turn her into a foodie

it helps
if you leave the grasslands
and move into a house
with artichokes
in the back yard

to take them fresh cut
and put them in
boiling water
with balsamic vinegar
and some good olive oil

no sauce is needed
if the chokes are
cooked al dente
and eaten immediately

© 2010 Sandy Vrooman


  1. Growing in your backyard? That's neat. I've often wondered who it was that first ate a lobster? Never got an answer to this one. Hmmmm, maybe google this question?

  2. Found this tongue-in-cheek explanation via google (at a humorous blog):

  3. I like artichokes and I like this poem. I tried to buy some at the Farmer's Market, but they didn't haven any yet. The choke's on me.